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Texas Orthopaedic Association:
The Nation’s Most Effective State Orthopaedic Society

Laws and regulations touch every aspect of an orthopaedic practice. As a result, orthopaedic surgeons have no choice but to engage in the public policy process to ensure that Texas patients receive the best musculoskeletal care possible.

Since 1936, TOA has served as the voice of Texas orthopaedic surgeons in the public policy arena. Today, over 1,400 Texas orthopaedic surgeons are TOA members.

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Membership Benefits

TOA provides a number of benefits, including:

By joining TOA, orthopaedic surgeons are demonstrating their commitment to outstanding musculoskeletal health to Texas patients. In return, TOA provides outstanding value to orthopaedic surgeons.

  • Advocacy: The Voice of Orthopaedic Surgeons. TOA has achieved numerous public policy victories for orthopaedic surgeons in Austin and Washington, DC. TOA is so effective that it often prevents harmful measures before they become known to the public.
  • Unique Analysis to Guide Orthopaedic Practices. TOA’s newsletters contain unique information regarding public policy and industry measures that often cannot be found elsewhere. Many orthopaedic surgeons use the information to help plan the future of their practices.
  • Educational and Networking Events. TOA’s annual conference attracts over 170 orthopaedic surgeons and dozens of practice administrators to learn more about clinical, business, and coding issues.
  • Creating and Delivering the Orthopaedic Brand in Texas. Patients, policymakers, the media, and other segments of the health care industry turn to TOA to learn more about orthopaedics. TOA is focusing more resources on telling Texans how orthopaedic surgeons are improving musculoskeletal health.
  • Supporting the Future of Orthopaedics. TOA membership dues fund a number of resident activities. Over 40 orthopaedic residents from across the state attend TOA’s annual conference, which provides clinical and business education to residents.

Membership Levels

TOA provides several different membership levels:


Active/Associate: $500 / year
New/Returning members enjoy half price Membership for the first year.
All prospective members begin as an associate member. The TOA membership considers the prospective membership list in the fall and spring of each year. Members elevated to active membership are orthopaedic surgeons who are licensed in Texas and certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Individuals who will remain as associate members include physicians and individuals whose activities include basic science or clinical work that focuses on orthopaedics.


Military: $175 / year
Military members meet the same requirements of active members. However, they are currently serving in the military and may be licensed by another state.


Allied Health Provider Membership: $75.00 / year
Allied health provider members pay dues but do not vote. They may be appointed to a committee, in an ex-oficio capacity, at the discretion of the TOA board of directors.  This membership level is reserved for physician assistants and nurse practitioners whose practice profile is 100 percent musculoskeletal.

Each candidate must:

  • Graduate from a recognized and accredited professional school with certification as Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner.
  • Hold current licensure in the state of Texas.
  • Practice profile is exclusively (100%) musculo-skeletal.
  • Applicant for membership must be sponsored by a physician member of the TOA.


Resident/Fellow: $0 / year
Resident/fellow members must be involved in a full-time orthopaedic residency program in Texas. Upon completion of the program, the membership will automatically terminate.

TOA believes that it is important to involve residents and fellows about the importance of being involved in TOA at an early stage in their medical career.

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