TOA Advertising Opportunities

TOA’s publications reach a large audience of Texas orthopaedic surgeons, administrative staff, and other members of the orthopaedic industry in Texas.

TOA offers limited advertising opportunities it its publications.  If you have an interest in advertising, please contact for opportunities in any of the following publications.

TOA’s E-mail Newsletter

TOA distributes an e-mail newsletter twice a month to over 2,500 Texas orthopaedic surgeons, practice administrators, and other members of the orthopaedic industry.

Each e-mail newsletter features one banner ad at the top.

TOA’s Magazine

TOA mails a magazine several times a year to every Texas orthopaedic surgeon.  Each magazine includes several full page color ads.

Other Advertising Opportunities

Do you have an advertising idea to promote your product or service?  Contact TOA about your idea.